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Postby JamesL » Fri Jun 08, 2012 4:19 pm

As a diehard technology lagger the 1150's as recent as I'd go... Spares should be plentiful too?

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Postby FLASH » Fri Jun 08, 2012 8:10 pm

Gromit wrote:I like the ad's wording for the second one - 'Selling due to my age'. How old do you have to be to be too old for an RT???? :lol:

Nice bikes, all the same. :)

Perhaps he's only 25?

I agree about the looks, the 1150RT is a much better-looking bike in the same was as the old Pan is a better-looker than the new one. Too much bolt-on plastic, too many bells and whistles and too much "stuff" keeping you away from the road.

Tell you one thing though Gromit (you talking about getting an 1100 or 1150RT) I remember when we used to go out together back in the day, you on your R1100S (?) and me on the R1100RT? it used to really piss me off that you could outdrag me away from all those M.Keynes r'bouts. the gearing on the RT is higher and you lose the acceleration. The GS on the other hand is (I believe) the same as the S. Bear in mind that I'm talking about the REAL GS, the 1100 :-)

Re the handling issues on the new bikes, has anybody had a truly Road to Damascus experience with the Michelin PR3s? I have and it transformed the handling on my K1200 R Sport from Spavined Mule to Chocolate Cheetah. Amazing.
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Postby Gromit » Fri Jun 08, 2012 8:18 pm

25...hadn't thought of it that way round (damn your lateral thinking!). :D

I'd got my old R1100R when you had the Mother Ship - and yes it did pull really well from low down, in fact Nick always used to moan that his ST4 could only just hold onto its tail when accelerating hard in the 30-90mph zone.

Also hadn't considered the raised gearing on the RT - dare say it's bound to blunt the bike's edge, and I think the RS/RT motor's more top-endy, needs spinning up harder to get a move on. The comfort aspect does appeal though, and its neat handling would be fun on our local roads where speed really isn't needed.

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Postby Steve1200S » Fri Jun 08, 2012 10:52 pm

It does take a while for the old RT to spin the engine up, but I swear it has the 1200 beat for low down torque, the 1200 seems to need a gear lower around town.

I'm appreciating the outright power of the 1200 though, it would keep up with the S well into naughty speeds... I like the mix of comfort and speed, I bet the new K16 is awesome!

My RT gets a bit scary at (very) high revs too, it has the loud shakey sensation of a washing machine at full spin! :lol: Are all the 1100/1150s like that? Its not as bad i just made it sound really, guess ive been spoilt by riding a 1200 first - My 12S is smooth right up to the redline.... I tend to have some sympathy for the old beast though, I don't often hammer the engine to the redline.

Hopefully getting my RT back tomorrow. :D will be sorry to give the new one back, but still looking forward to sitting in my old comfy sports armchair again, and not having so many gadgets to distract me!

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